Pehlivan Halva


Cevat Pehlivan, the founder of Pehlivan Halva has aimed to make the historical flavor halva, which has been the distinguished dessert of  many festivals, tables of the sultans, friendly meetings , leave a good taste in everyone’s mouth. He has dedicated his thirtyfive years of experience to this market, his name has been written in the history of halva business in golden letters and he has become one of the most important figures in the introduction of this flavor to the people. 

Starting his devoted works with the cooperation of Koska Halva, our distingueshed founder Cevdet Pehlivan  founded Pehlivan Halva, which he has given his own name, in 1991. By the last days of his life, he devoted all his knowledge and gains to Pehlivan Halva, took great pleasure in representing the flavor and quality to the people, made the quality become a standard in his all kinds of products, gave the concept of flavor a new meaning, and conveyed this  precious flavor surviving from the past to the present  to the new generation by sticking to the history of halva.

He said goodbye to this kingly precious and rare flavor and his kingly service when he passed away in 2008. Our respected senior Cevdet Pehlivan has raised children who are aware of their responsibilities  and can show the essential sensitivity to this historical flavor and passed his occupation which was a great value to him to his children.

Taking the job over from Cevdet PEHLIVAN, his children has continued to represent this heirloom occupation and deliver this historical flavor to us under today’s most hygenic and healthiest  conditions.  Our Executive Board has continued to produce halva, which became a trandition in the happiness and sadness of the people, without sacrificing quality and flavor as in the first day since the day Pehlivan Halva was founded.