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Research and Development  :

The word R&D (Research and Development) is being used frequently in recent times and is interpreted in many different ways by everyone. While it means producing a new product for some; for some it means only making scientific researches. As a definition, R&D is the usage of creative effort and knowledge in new applications, based on a systematical basis, so as to improve the scientific and technical knowledge.

R&D in Pehlivan Halva is carried out by a group of Food Engineers and Chemists working hard to improve our production chart and following the food technologies and standards moment by moment. Our firm works for delivering new tastes to your tables in safe and hygienic conditions. 

Pehlivan Halva continues to work nonstop regardless of the matter of time in order to deliver the sweetest tastes in the most affordable conditions to their customers.


Export :

Exportation, entering into foreign markets, representing your company and products in foreign countries might be debatable for many companies. The financial cost of entering into the foreign markets is thought too high for the companies involved in business only in domestic market conditions. Even if you are a successful manager in domestic market, unknowns of the foreign markets and their risks may worry you. Pehlivan Halva has wholly completed the investments to be made on exportation and completely done its part considering its mission in representing his products and our country in abroad.   

Pehlivan Halva continues exporting its products to many countries of the world, particularly Middle East and Balkan countries. And among its exportation plans for the near future, delivering this historical taste to every corner of the world comes first. 

Pehlivan Halva conducts most of its exportation works and investments with its own equity capital. As the exportation opportunities provided by our country are improved, lots of products and services are marketed in the best way in abroad. Aware of its duties and responsibilities, our firm shows due diligence to the representation of our historical taste halva, not only in accordance with our firm’s commercial benefits but also in accordance with the benefits of our country.


Production :

As a fundamental concept in social life, production is a whole of activities carried out in order to provide goods and services that will meet the needs of humanity; it is the total of activities that enables a new production or service to be produced.  In this context, cultivation as a result of working the soil is called agricultural production; making productions through the usage of some industrial inputs is called industrial production; creating an intellectual production or piece by mental capacity and effort is called mental production.

Pehlivan Halva production department is constituted by a team that has adopted the whole production concepts, understands the importance and vitality of the production values in both executive and technical manners, does its responsibilities thoroughly and works synchronously.   

Rather than its commercial value, the production has a great national and conscientious value. We have an exclusive fate that making production, being a producer, taking charge in production phases has an essential value that cannot be compared to any other commercial values. It is a great source of pride for our company and all of our staff to present such sweet tastes to the humanity with sincerity from the start to the end of the production phase.