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Baked Plain Halva with Carrots
Fruit Salad with Pistachio Tahini Halva
CHEESECAKE with Halva Sauce
Profiterole with Halva and Chocolate Sauce
Halva Package
Cupcakes with Halva  
Halva Pie
Sweet Bread with Halva
Cake with Halva and Raisin
Coconut and Cacao Balls
Cacao Halva Cookies
Pancake with Cacao Halva Cream
Halva and Lemon Cake
Orange and Lemon Halva Squash
Halva with Huckleberry and Milk
Baked Peach Dessert with Summer Halva
Pudding with Summer Halva
Balls with Summer Halva
Hot Halva Drink
Bread with Halva



With the recipes of halva desserts we provide, you can create new tastes in your kitchen and deliver the historical taste of the halva to your table with a brand new understanding.